We are working on your cards!

January 4th 2021 

Hello Utah Medical Cannabis Team!

I see your requests, I see your emails, and you are heard.
I assure you that I am working very hard on these and will get all requested cards addressed.
If you card expires in the mean-time, DO NOT PANIC.

You will not require a new patient visit and the renewal process and fee is the same.
If you have completed our “awaiting certification” form then you ARE on my list. If you haven’t completed our form, follow the steps below.

Thank you for being our patient. We haven’t let you down yet, so please remain patient with us!


Marley Colt

Office Manager

How to get to “Awaiting Certification”

  • Tracking Box
  • Patient (not new patient)
  • Click Name
  • Scroll to bottom
  • Push “Save and submit”

If you are having a hard time,

Send an email to Marley with your EVS Password so she can log in and help you.