Are you Awaiting Certification? 

If you have applied for or renewed your cannabis card and are “Awaiting Certification”, please complete our short form below.

The EVS website and the Utah Dept of Health will not notify our office when you’re card is ready, so we created a simple form to traffic our patients. This creates a list for Marley to follow, allows us to keep track of your application, and ensures nothing falls between the cracks.
Our goal is get your card approved as quickly as possible while still following the laws of The Utah Medical Cannabis Act.

Thank you for being our patient and helping us change the stigma of Medical Cannabis!

G O    T E A M!


Marley Colt

Office Manager

How to get to “Awaiting Certification”

  • Tracking Box
  • Patient (not new patient)
  • Click Name
  • Scroll to bottom
  • Push “Save and submit”

If you are having a hard time,

Send an email to Marley with your EVS Password so she can log in and help you.