⁣✨ We want to brighten your gloomy day with some good news…Our Dry Herb Vaporizers are finally here! 🎉⠀
Thank you so much for remaining patient! ⠀

✺ These are for sale to Dr. Corey Anden patients O N L Y ✺⠀

Scroll down to check out  U T I L L I A N and Z E U S  A R S E N A L  . ⠀
Email Marley (  marley@CoreyAndenMD.com  ) for interest OR come to our office for purchase!⠀

❊ W E A R A M A S K P L E A S E ❊⠀

Big shout out to T-Vape in Canada  for helping us provide modern and simple vaporizing options for our patients.