Although there are no Utah Medical “Cards” or Medical Dispensaries until March of 2020; Dr. Anden is able to write a letter of recommendation (if your condition qualifies). This will give you the ability to cross state lines and return with your medication form a licensed Medical Cannabis Facility.

Utah Permitted Medicinal Dosage Forms:

All approved medicinal cannabis forms must be in a Labeled and Barcoded Container.

All forms must be measured in grams, milligrams, or milliliters.

  • A tablet;
  • A capsule;
  • A concentrated oil;
  • A liquid suspension;
  • A topical preparation;
  • A transdermal preparation;
  • A sublingual preparation;
  • A gelatinous cube/rectangular cube
  • For unprocessed cannabis flower, a blister pack containing a specific and consistent weight that does not exceed one gram per blister.