Medical Cannabis Card

Utah Medical Cannabis Card

Apply for your Utah Medical Cannabis Card

* FYI *

Utah Dept of Health DOES NOT notify us when you are “awaiting certification.” The ONLY way we know you have applied and are ready, is to complete the “Awaiting Certification” form below.

S T E P ~ O N E

Visit The Utah Dept of Health (UDOH) website and Create an Account.

+ Create Account

+ Enter Email

+ Check for verification Email from UDOH

* Check Junk Mail *

+ Follow link in email to finish

S T E P ~ T W O

You can now complete your application

+ Pictures below for help

+ Follow the link or visit EVS.UTAH.GOV

+ You WILL NOT select a QMP

+ “SAVE and SUBMIT” once you have completed info

+ Status should now state “AWAITING CERTIFICATION” 

P U S H S A V E and S U B M I T

Your status should say “Awaiting Certification”

S T E P ~ T H R E E

Push below to let Marley know you are ready!

+ Your status should say “AWAITING CERTIFICATION”

+ You will pay the $15 to UDOH after Marley approves your card

+ Click below to be added to our list.

Renew Your Cannabis Card

The Utah Medical Cannabis Act requres 2 follow up per year to keep your cannabis card active.

If your last appointment was more than 6 months ago, you will be required to schedule a follow up evaluation before your card can be renewed.

Marley will approve your card once your follow up form is complete

S T E P ~ O N E


+ Tracking box
+ Patient (not “new patient”)
+ Click your name
+ Scroll to bottom and push “SAVE and SUBMIT”

S T E P ~ T W O


+ EVS does not notify us when you’ve completed your application
+ You must complete Step 2 or  Marley will NOT know you’re ready