Renew Your Utah Medical Cannabis Card


” Don’t Worry, Every Little Thing is Gonna be Alright ” 

Don’t stress…We got this!

Congratulations on being one of our first 600 patients!

Click the Button above to let us know you are ready to renew

Our office is in the process of completing renewals, but we have to notify UDOH that you are ready to renew.

If your card has expired, Do Not Stress Out.  This is very simple to fix!  Just go back on EVS site and “re-submit” your

Send an email to Marley with any additional quesitons –

Step by Step Pictures for card renewal


Tracking Box –> Patient –> NOT “new patient” –> Select your name

If you are RENEWING –> Select “Patient Certification” Tab at the top of the page (Steps 4 & 5)
If you are EXPIRED –> “Save and Submit” your application at the bottom of the page –> then email


This is where you will get your QMP Certification Number

**Steps 4 and 5 ** If you skip this…you cannot pay

Select the EMPTY box and your new QMP Number will be in the drop down

*IF there is not a QMP Number –> email Marley!

SAVE –> SAVE –> Push this several times –> Your recommendations should pop up

Now you can make your $5 Payment to the Utah Department of Health

Tracking Box –> Patient –> Click your name –> “Payment” Tab at top of page –> NEW

Click to pay –> Credit Card form will POP UP in another tab –> Check Pop-Ups

Once you have completed your payment, it should state “complete” and that means you are all done!

You should receive an email from Utah Department of Health within 3-5 days with your updated card!