Renew Your Utah Medical Cannabis Card


Utah Medical Cannabis Card Renewals

” Don’t Worry, Every Little Thing is Gonna be Alright ” 

Don’t stress…We got this!

Follow Step 1 and then Click the Button below let us know you are ready to renew

Send an email to Marley with any additional questions –

  • First Card is good for 3 Months

  • Second Card is good for 6 Months

  • Third Card is good for 6 Months - 1 year; this will be up to Dr. Anden.

S T E P ~ O N E

Re-Submit your Application!

+ Tracking box
+ Patient (not “new patient”)
+ Click your name
+ Scroll to bottom and push “SAVE and SUBMIT”

Step by Step Pictures for card renewal


Tracking Box –> Patient –> NOT “new patient” –> Select your name

SAVE –> SAVE –> Push this several times –> Your recommendations should pop up

Click to pay –> Credit Card form will POP UP in another tab –> Check Pop-Ups

Once you have completed your payment, it should state “complete” and that means you are all done!

You should receive an email from Utah Department of Health within 3-5 days with your updated card!