Renew Your Utah Medical Cannabis Card


Utah Medical Cannabis Card Renewals

” Don’t Worry, Every Little Thing is Gonna be Alright ” 

Don’t stress…We got this!

Follow Step 1 and then Click the Button below let us know you are ready to renew

Send an email to Marley with any additional questions –

  • Initial Card will need to be renewed in 90 days

  • Second Card will need to be renewed in 6 months

  • Third Card (and every card after) will need to be renewed in 1 year, Dr. Anden agrees.

STEP 1 ~ Log on to EVS.UTAH.GOV and re-submit your application.

Tracking Box –> Patient (do not click “new patient) –> Click your name –> Scroll down to “Save and Submit Registration”

Step by Step Pictures for card renewal


Tracking Box –> Patient –> NOT “new patient” –> Select your name

If you are RENEWING –> Select “Patient Certification” Tab at the top of the page (Steps 4 & 5)
If you are EXPIRED –> “Save and Submit” your application at the bottom of the page –> then email


This is where you will get your QMP Certification Number

**Steps 4 and 5 ** If you skip this…you cannot pay

Select the EMPTY box and your new QMP Number will be in the drop down

*IF there is not a QMP Number –> email Marley!

SAVE –> SAVE –> Push this several times –> Your recommendations should pop up

Now you can make your $5 Payment to the Utah Department of Health

Tracking Box –> Patient –> Click your name –> “Payment” Tab at top of page –> NEW

Click to pay –> Credit Card form will POP UP in another tab –> Check Pop-Ups

Once you have completed your payment, it should state “complete” and that means you are all done!

You should receive an email from Utah Department of Health within 3-5 days with your updated card!