Alpha 2 Macroglobulin (A2M)

One of the newest methods now offered by Dr. Anden involves A2M, a naturally occurring chemical in our blood that has been shown to slow arthritis progression in animals. A2M protein is made in your liver. Using special binding sites, it will bind and trap bad enzymes that are destroying your cartilage. Once trapped, the A2M and the disabled enzymes are removed by your body naturally.

An A2M injection contains a concentrated dose 6X more than what already occurs in your blood naturally. When this level of A2M is injected into your joint or disc space, it can provide the necessary amount of A2M to bind and remove destructive proteases associated with degeneration within the joint or disc space.

How is an A2M Injection done?

Just like the PRP, the A2M procedure begins with drawing your blood. The amount of blood drawn will depend on the area that we are treating. Once drawn, we will spin and concentrate your blood in to PRP an PPP (platelet poop plasma). Once the plasma is separate out it goes through and additional filtration process to be able to isolate the yellow plasma. This yellow plasma, will be used to inject a concentrated does of A2M back into the problem joint.

Are A2M injections painful?

No, the injection is not painful. The A2M solution is soothing to the joint space as it immediately starts to remove the harmful proteins.

Can I go back to work or daily activities?

Typically, you’ll be able to return to work the same day. Your physician will instruct you on any restrictions based on your specific injury.}

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