Dr. Corey Anden offers healthy alternatives to surgery and long-term medications, so you can get back to the sports you love Call or Email us today! P) 801.732.5914 E) Marley@CoreyAndenMD.com Dr. Anden diagnosis and treats all kinds of orthopedic injuries. No matter your level of athletic ability or preferred sport, you have an expert on your side. We enjoy taking our time to walk you through the causes, symptoms, treatment options, and recovery process for your sports related injuries. Our office helps patients of all skill levels maintain an active outdoor lifestyle
Corey D. Anden, M.D

American Association of Orthopedic Medicine

American Medical Association

 4 – B O A R D   C E R T I F I E D   I N

Sports Medicine

Pain Medicine

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Electrodiagnostic Medicine

Dr. Corey Anden is quadruple Board Certified and specializes in Sports Medicine and Non-Surgical Orthopedics. For the past 35 years, Dr. Anden has been a trail blazer for female physicians in Utah.

Dr. Anden grew up outside of Pittsburg, PA. She graduated from Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 1984 with her Medical degree, as well as honors in Orthopedic Surgery, Neurology and Psychiatry.

She moved to Utah in 1988 for “The Greatest Snow On Earth” and became an original founder of Utah Spine Care; although separated in 2019.

She understands the best way to return the human body to its most functional state, whether through exercise, modification of existing exercise regimens, medication, manipulation, relaxation, surgery, or a combination of options. In some instances, she must identify what has gone wrong in the body before she can begin treating the body. She believes treating the body “as a whole” is the best way to optimize recovery and improve your quality of life.

Christa Black, PA-C

American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Specializes in:

Medical and Surgical Obesity Management

Weight Loss Medication Management

Nutrition Counseling

Christa Black, recently joined Dr. Anden,  has been a physician assistant specializing in medical and surgical obesity management for more than 20 years.

As an Air Force spouse, she has had the privilege of practicing in a variety of clinical settings and communities across the country, and brings diverse experience to the patients of northern Utah.

Christa is pleased to offer assistance with patients struggling with the disease of obesity and its many comorbidities. She is available to help those who may be in need of weight loss in order to reduce morbidity and mortality of pending total joint replacement, as well as improve overall health and wellness.

She is nationally recognized as a public speaker and scientific author, and is an active member of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Christa will work with our patients to look beyond their symptoms and understand how lifestyle and environmental factors impact their wellbeing.

G O O G L E – R E V I E W S

“Dr. Anden clearly communicated what the tests would involve and also what was happening as the tests were run. The tests are not pleasant but our conversation was and distracted from the tests and made it seem as though they were over a bit more quickly.”

S.B. 11/12/2020

“This team is incredible. Dr. Anden was very attentive and her knowledge of the body, medicine and medical cannabis is very comforting.

Every lady in this office played a role in providing medical cannabis info and how to respectfully use it. I felt comfortable and confident contacting the office and I would be sure to receive a knowledgeable response by phone, text, or email!! So Impressive! 

These ladies have certainly set the bar for Medical Cannabis Provider’s in Utah.”

A.A. 10/23/2020

“These ladies are so informative, so supportive, and so reliable in helping me to get medical cannabis to treat my chronic nerve disorder. They are the most responsive doctors office I have ever experienced. They have gone the extra mile over and over to make sure that I am updated and supported as we jump through all the requirements that Utah has for it’s medical cannabis community. They really have had my back. I’m not sure if I could have done this without their help.”

L.M 11/4/2020

“What a great experience. Being a beginner , I really appreciated the time and extensive knowledge the team shared. Everyone there was so friendly and willing to make the appointment enjoyable.”

K.T 10/6/2020

“My medical cannabis appointment was with Christa Black, PA-C and she is awesome! Very personable and knowledgeable! Never felt rushed like I do sometimes at other doctor’s offices. Receptionist/Office Manager was delightful (sorry I’m not recalling your name)! The whole experience was perfect! I highly recommend them!”

G.C 10/20/2020
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