Medical Cannabis

“Medical Marijuana is not a gateway drug, but an Exit drug”

Welcome to Utah Medical Cannabis Evaluations. We are a team of 4 women who love educating Utah’s patients about Medical Cannabis! Our number one goal to ensure every patient has a positive experience with Medical Cannabis in Utah.

Some patients can be nervous about their first medical cannabis evaluation, so we pride ourselves on providing a positive and informative  experience. We enjoy getting to know our patients and their families and catering their medical cannabis program to their lifestyle.

Dr. Corey Anden is based out of South Ogden, Utah. She is quadruple board-certified and has been an advocate for medical cannabis throughout her 32 year medical career.

Dr. Anden has educated herself in dosing perimeters, cannabinoids, and terpene profiles, which are all all of which are essential when recommending cannabis medicinally. She is comfortable recommending medical cannabis for patients of all ages, demographics, and all levels of experience.

She attends medical cannabis related conferences several times per year and has visited out of state medical cannabis centers of excellence in order to further her medical education.

Dr. Anden genuinely enjoys teaching Utah patients about medical cannabis and is excited to watch The Utah Medical Cannabis Act progress throughout the state!

Utah Card Updates – March 26th, 2020

“Dr. Anden and her staff at Utah Medical Cannabis Evaluations is amazing and explained everything. I had questions answered even tho I forgot my list of questions at home. She was very detailed and has made medical cannabis in Utah a very good experience for me. She is very knowledgeable and very experienced in what she does. I would very recommend her to anyone for their Utah medical marijuana card.”

K. OJanuary 2020 - Google Review

“The interactions were very pleasant. It was a nice learning experience. Will recommend to everyone”

A.MJanuary 2020 - Google Review

“The nurses and staff were very polite and helpful throughout the whole medical cannabis process. Dr. Anden is an amazing, super sweet and very knowledgeable woman. I can’t thank these guys enough for helping me be able to treat my issues in a way that doesn’t involve opioids. I will highly recommend Dr. Anden to everyone that may need her help. “

J.NJanuary 2020 - Google Review

“Awesome place, I am so happy I found it. They were able to help with my every question regarding medical cannabis in Utah and were very professional about it. Thank you!!!”

I.GFebruary 2020 - Google Review

“I would like to thank Dr. Corey Anden and her staff for their professional help. They made me feel very comfortable while walking me through medical cannabis in 20202. I am very excited to have another option, than pill medication to help me with the pain that is caused by my Rheumatoid Arthritis.”

N.SFebruary 2020 - Google Review

Medical Marijuana is legal is Utah!

The Utah Medical Cannabis Act was passed in Utah on December 3rd, 2018.  This law legalizes Medical Marijuana for any patient with a qualifying condition.

The Utah Medical Cannabis Act  authorizes Utah’s Department of Health to begin issuing Medical Marijuana Cards around March 1, 2020.

You are allowed to have in your possession:

Up to 113 grams of dry flower cannabis and up to 20 grams of concentrate (edibles, tinctures, creams, waxes, vape cartridges, etc…)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I qualify for Medical Cannabis?

          Common qualifying conditions in Utah are: Chronic Pain (any pain lasting longer than 2 weeks), PTSD, Persistent Nausea, GI Problems, Seizures, and Autism. Find a full list of conditions here. 

2. Will I need medical records?

          You will need to bring your CURRENT Utah State ID (cannot be expired; cannot be a passport), and 1-2 pages of medical records. This could be an office note, x-ray or MRI, lab test…etc.

3. Will my health insurance cover this evaluation?

          No. Insurance companies refuse to cover medical cannabis as it is still federally illegal and a Schedule 1 drug.

4. How much is my evaluation? 

          Your cannabis evaluation will be $300. We will collect $100 deposit when you are scheduled. This will be applied towards your total cost.

5. What does my evaluation include?

            You will meet with Dr. Anden and her team for 30 minutes to discuss Utah Law, medical benefits of cannabis, different ingestion options and terpene/cannabinoid profiles.

You will speak with our Cannabis Nurse Specialist before and after your appointment for further dosing parameters, if needed.

You will leave with your recommendation letter, a folder of educational material, and directions to apply for your Utah medical cannabis card.

6. Will I get my Medical Card that day?

         No. Patients with a qualifying condition will be given a “Recommendation Letter”. This is what makes you legal to have cannabis (CBD/THC) products on your person and in your system.

Utah states their medical card system will be available in March 2020, however it may take a few months for the system to work accurately. Your Medical Recommendation letter will act as your card and will be valid until December 2020.

7. When will Utah have Medical Cannabis Pharmacies?

March 2020! Utah has agreed to 14 Medical Cannabis Pharmacy’s throughout the state.  Patients will still be allowed purchase medicine in other states and bring this home.