If you are due for a follow-up evaluation, please complete the form below.

Once submitted, our schedulers will contact you to schedule.

Please allow 3-5 business days for response.

  • First Card is good for 3 Months

  • Second Card is good for 6 Months

  • Third Card is good for 6 Months - 1 year; this will be up to Dr. Anden.

Medical Cannabis Follow-up = $150

We can “attempt” to bill your private insurance, if you choose.

  • + Health insurances have not typically covered medical cannabis appointments, but we are willing to try.
  • **There is risk in informing your health insurance your are actively using a “federally illegal substance.” Please review your insurances website and any information they offer on this topic BEFORE we bill and send your follow-up.
  • +Our office is not responsible for any denial of coverage related to medical cannabis. 
  • + You are responsible for full payment if insurance denies.