The Utah Medical Cannabis Act requires a follow-up with your QMP 6 months, after your first 90 days renewal.

Dr. Anden recommended a new medication and we need an updated visit to how this is helping. Dr. Anden is very excited to discuss what you have been trying, what doses you are using and what you think of our Utah P


We have hired a Physician’s Assistant!

Christa Black PA is the newest member of our team and she already LOVES her job. She is anxiously waiting to meet every single one of you!

Medical Cannabis Follow-up = $150

We can “attempt” to bill your private insurance, if you choose.

  • + Health insurances have not typically covered medical cannabis appointments, but we are willing to try.
  • **There is risk in informing your health insurance your are actively using a “federally illegal substance.” Please review your insurances website and any information they offer on this topic BEFORE we bill and send your follow-up.
  • +Our office is not responsible for any denial of coverage related to medical cannabis. 
  • + You are responsible for full payment if insurance denies.
  • First Card is good for 3 Months

  • Second Card is good for 6 Months

  • Third Card is good for 6 Months - 1 year; this will be up to Dr. Anden.

In order to make the follow up visit as efficient as possible, we have created an online form for you to complete.

Once the form has been submitted, our office will contact you to schedule.

We would prefer to see all follow-ups in the office for a face-to-face visit as we have hired Chris Black PA, who is very excited to meet our patients.

Click the button above to complete the follow-up paperwork and get added to our schedule.