Medical Cannabis New Patient Application

Utah Medical Cannabis New Patient Application


Dr. Corey Anden has reached her patient cap of 600 medical cannabis cards; however she is available to see you for education and a recommendation letter.

The recommendation letter will make you legal to have medical cannabis on your person and in your system within the laws of Utah.

The Utah Medical Cannabis Act was passed December 3rd, 2018. Utah Medical Cannabis Evaluations has been seeing patient since March 2019 in South Ogden, Utah!

Utah Permitted Medicinal Dosage Forms:

All approved medicinal cannabis forms must be in a Labeled and Bar coded Container.

All forms must be measured in grams, milligrams, or milliliters.

You are allowed to posses up to:

113 Grams of dry cannabis flower (4 ounces green bud)

20 Grams of concentrated cannabis (cartridges, edibles, topical, tincture, etc…)

  • A tablet / A capsule
  • A concentrated oil (Vaping Cartridge)
  • A liquid suspension
  • A topical preparation (Cream / Lotion)
  • A trans-dermal preparation (Patch)
  • A sublingual preparation (Tincture)
  • A gelatinous cube/rectangular cube (Gummies)
  • For unprocessed cannabis flower (Green Marijuana Bud)
  • Wax or Resin (Shatter, Crumble, Rosin)

You have Questions…We have answers!

Why has Dr Corey Anden reached her 600 patient caps?

Dr. Anden started offering cannabis education to her existing patients in 2019, but quickly realized the demand for this was very high. In March 2019 Medical Cannabis was LEGAL and Utah was not offering hopeful patients ANY information.

So…Dr. Anden decided to take it upon herself to get educated and has become an expert.

Can I still see Dr. Anden?

Yes! Dr. Anden is a Licensed Utah Medical Doctor and has the right to educate who ever she wants.

As a Licensed Medical Doctor in Utah since 1988, it is her Right to recommend any treatment that she believes will improves your quality of life.

Is the recommendation letter OK?

Yes! Per Utah Dept of Health “qualifying patients who do not have a medical cannabis card, BUT have a “recommendation letter” from their medical provider may purchase medical cannabis until December 31, 2020.

Can I go in the pharmacies?

You are allowed to use ONE cannabis pharmacy with your recommendation letter.

What happens 1/1/2021?

You will need a Utah Card to be legal. OUR OFFICE HAS YOUR BACK; PLEASE HAVE OURS. We are actively working 24/7 to have a “game plan” for our patients.  

 What is Dr. Anden doing about the patient cap?

    • We have been in touch with Utah Senators and Utah Dept of Health. They are aware of our concern and are working closely with Dr. Anden to improve upon the current bill.
    • We have reached out to additional QMP’s and are open to hiring another provider for our office.
    • We are offering additional education for providers that are interested in learning what Dr. Anden has to offer.

Will I qualify for Medical Cannabis?

Common qualifying conditions in Utah are: Chronic Pain (any pain lasting longer than 2 weeks), PTSD, Persistent Nausea, GI Problems, Seizures, and Autism. Find a full list of conditions here. 

Will I need medical records?

You will need to bring your CURRENT Utah State ID (cannot be expired; cannot be a passport), and 1-2 pages of medical records. This could be an office note, x-ray or MRI, lab test…etc.

 Will my health insurance cover this evaluation?

No. Insurance companies refuse to cover medical cannabis as it is still federally illegal and a Schedule 1 drug.

How much is my evaluation? 

Your cannabis evaluation will be $300. We will collect $100 deposit when you are scheduled. This will be applied towards your total cost.

What does my evaluation include?

You will meet with Dr. Anden and her team for 30 minutes to discuss Utah Law, medical benefits of cannabis, different ingestion options and terpene/cannabinoid profiles.

You will speak with our Cannabis Nurse Specialist before and after your appointment for further dosing parameters, if needed.

You will leave with your recommendation letter and a folder of educational material.

Will I get my Medical Card the same day?

No. Patients with a qualifying condition will be given a “Recommendation Letter”. This is what makes you legal to have cannabis (CBD/THC) products on your person and in your system.

You will need to apply on the Utah Dept of Health Website.

Does Utah have Medical Cannabis Pharmacies 

Utah currently has 3 medical cannabis pharmacies!


Update:  July 1st,  2020

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