Trigger Point Injections

What is a Trigger Point?

A Trigger Point is a tight and painful “knot” of muscle fiber. This knot can form where a muscle is strained or injured and is unable to relax.

A trigger point can feel tight or tense under the skin and is typically very tender to the touch.

Muscles around the neck, upper back, and shoulder blades are prone to trigger points.

Your muscle pain or spasms may be caused by one or more trigger points About Us

Dr. Anden has recommended an in-office injection into your painful spots to help relax the muscle.

Trigger Point Injections are similar to having a deep tissue massage. Rather than massaging the outside of the muscle, Dr. Anden is able to “massage” the inside of the tense muscle using a needle.

Any muscle in the body can have one or more trigger points. Several injections may be needed to best improve your pain. These injections are typically given in sessions a few weeks apart. In some cases you may not notice a change in symptoms until the 2nd or 3rd session.

Trigger Point Injections Trigger Point Injections We will ask you to sit on a chair or lay on the exam table. Dr. Anden will feel and stretch the muscle to find the exact trigger point. Once the trigger point is found, the skin is cleaned and then injected. The injection will contain a numbing agent and a sterile solution.

NO CORTISONE is used during this injection.

Dr. Anden will then move the needle back and fourth in the muscle using a “peppering” technique. You will feel muscle spasms during the injection, as this is the muscle releasing it’s tension.

After the Injection

You will have soreness in the injection site for 2-3 days following the shot. You may use ice on the treated area, as well as rubbing the tender muscle. You may return to work after the injection and have no limitations. You may continue to take your normal medications. Dr. Anden will advise you to make a follow-up for additional sessions if needed.